“Ahh!” I cried.


Sitting up, then stepped back from him. I glanced at the monster beside him. The wolf came near me. Pulling out his tongue, he licked me.


Oh! He cleaned the blood on my face. The man sat down for a while and roared at the werewolf behind me. “Everytime you go out, you bring me trouble.”


The werewolf stammered: “I… I… After I became like this, I can’t control myself! I crave chocolates!”




Sorry, I’m so poor. I was sad so I bought some chocolates. I’m really sorry! I think I might have encountered a fake werewolf…


“Go back. You are grounded.”


The man got up and turned his hand. The chain rushed back in his palm. It moved from his mouth, surrounded the neck of the werewolf. He struggled yet the man didn’t undo them.


“Well?” He looked back on the ladder and glanced at the werewolf.


The werewolf looked at him: “What?”


“Take her.”




“I…?”The werewolf bowed his head.


“She saw your appearance. We can’t let her walk away.”


I turned to look at the werewolf. I saw nothing but his long hair. He scratched my head: “Sorry.”


He hit my head and my world turned into darkness. When I woke up, I found myself in this eight-story old residential building. The blond man was Li Wei. He was a powerful vampire who can walk out in a day. He was also the owner of this building.


The people who live here were legendary demons… except me.


When the little wolf did not convert into a werewolf, he was a thin teenager. He was shy and even weak.


He continued: “On that day, the landlord imprisoned me.”


“My room has a big mirror. After the landlord had locked me in the iron cage, he stood in front of the mirror and I saw it clearly.” the little wolf bowed his head and said, “He touched his mouth…”


I got flustered thinking about that day. Would it count as a kiss? Li Wei was a vampire, would he still care about a simple kiss? I was still pondering this matter. And I heard the click of the door of the roof.


Li Wei, who always wore his cold face, stood there: “How many times have I told you all?” He blinked and looked uncomfortable. “No barbecue on the roof.”

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